Dictionary, an innuendo is "an indirect remark about somebody or something, usually suggesting something bad, mean or rude", such as: "innuendos about her

Yahoo Answers: Top 10 Unintentional Innuendos | illicit snowboardingYahoo Answers: Top 10 Unintentional Innuendos | illicit snowboarding

Can you tell which of these Great British Bake Off innuendos is real?
WOW24/7 (blog), on Wed, 07 Oct 2015 09:18:45 -0700
The Great British Bake Off final is upon us and tonight will see either Nadiya,Tamal or Ian crowned master baker (see what we did there?) Now, while the baking is great, we've been more entertained by the blatant sexual innuendo that the series has

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