Irrational behaviors of individuals include taking offense or becoming angry about a situation that has not yet occurred, expressing

Are you angry with someone or some situation? (Ask Dr. Stanley)Are you angry with someone or some situation? (Ask Dr. Stanley)
Does someone else’s actions cause you great stress or anger? Dr. Charles Stanley responds to a viewer who’s at the end of her rope.

Shonda Rhimes Opens Up About ‘Angry Black Woman’ Flap …
Rhimes herself jumped in almost immediately, wondering to her 700,000 Twitter followers why she’s not labeled “an angry black woman” when her white characters rant, too. When I join ….. Then came word that Isaiah Washington had referred to his co-star T.R. Knight with a homophobic slur, a situation that got messier — Washington repeated the slur as part of a denial backstage at the 2007 Golden Globes — before he eventually was fired that June. Not long after …


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