Learning about your thoughts!

I have been having thoughts about what my purpose and goals are in my current life. Right now my daily routine is to drive Grab for a living and when I am not, I am a stay home dad looking after my two young boys. They have been the joy and sometimes they do drive me up the wall. Overall, I adore them and I am sure my wife adores them even more than me.
Of late, I was introduced to listening to a very informative person on Youtube i.e., Tom Billyue. through Tom, I have come to know of Jay Shetty, Dr Shefali Tsabary, DrĀ Rangan Chatterjee and more to come.
They are so inspiring and wise. Something that every single one of them has in common is “meditation.”
Curious isn’t it?

Do check them out and certainly, you will find messages in their webs that will appeal to you!

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