It is so often that I notice young children (2-10 yrs) misbehaving and the way the parents try to communicate with them is rather alarming. It is so rare to see the parent guiding the child about the misbehavior. More often I notice the parent reprimanding the child or using scare tactics, e.g., “behave yourself or else uncle will scold you  or the I’m warning you, stop or else.” Whilst it is the parent’s aim to teach the child, many don’t “teach.” They command or tell or rebuke. In the adult years, it is no wonder that whenever our boss or superior, command or tell or rebuke us, our reaction is usually cynical or discontented. In contrast, when guidance is handed out, the mind becomes more receptive and willing. Children in their early years are no different. Whenever instructed with guidance, are more receptive but otherwise they may obey but deep within their minds, they are discontented. In fact they obey not because of the knowledge but rather because of the punishment. 

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